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How to be happy // 2021

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Services and Offerings

// Installation

// EEG-device with multiple other sensors, aluminium disks, mirror, acrylic stands, white plexiglass sign, paper, ink, security holograms

// Dimensions variable, main element with five experiences: 145 x 30 x 22 cm

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Studio for Artistic Research // Düsseldorf, Germany


 How your experience is manufactured:

1. Our hosts are fitted with a device

measuring the thoughts (EEG-Signal),

the emotions (heart rate, respiratory rate)

and the physical movement (three axis accelerometer).

2. This data is converted into a visual form,

taking the shape of a circular code.

3. The circular code is lasered onto a metal disk,

for a truly timeless memory.

4. A certificate of authenticity is issued to the new owner.

Own the most amazing memories

without actually having to make them.

Designed by Happy, Inc.


Featured experiences during the "A WAREHOUSE" exhibition in the Studio for Artistic Research:

Having a spiritual awakening

(1105 milliseconds)

Eating gold plated chicken wings

(2365 milliseconds)

Being a famous artist

(1502 milliseconds)

Entering a room with an attractive body

(2457 milliseconds)

Hearing your father say that he is proud of you

(3127 milliseconds)

Certificate of authenticity

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Studio for Artistic Research // Düsseldorf, Germany

Services and Offerings

money doesn't make us happy, experiences do.

If there is an experience / memory you would like to own, you can commission a tailor-made experience using one of our hosts.

Call 0049 176 7654 05 72 immediately.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the experiences mentioned above, call 0049 176 7654 05 72 immediately.

Best wishes,

Happy, Inc.


Behind the scenes of the manufacturing process of "Eating gold plated chicken wings"

// Zurich, Switzerland

Anker 1
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