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The Familiar // 2021

// Short film

// 11 Minutes / no dialogue / digital / in black and white and in colour / 2.35:1

Cast Markus J. Bachmann, Biniam Graffé // Composer Roman Jungblut

// Cinematographer Linda Schefferski // Producer Nils Ramme

click for sound and/or full screen

Teaser // 55"

Alien crashes on an inhospitable planet and tries to contact their home planet. While searching, Alien experiences a world in which Alien is simultaneously trapped and repelled. When discovering someone who returns Alien’s gaze, they create themselves a sanctuary.

The film intends to create a surreal parallel world, reflecting the alien figure's subjective view of our real world/society and to challenge the alien figure to become the most human character in the film.


2023           Filmfest Bremen, Germany

2023           Weird Wednesday 0711 Stuttgart, Germany

2023  Online Release

2023           58. Werkstatt der jungen Filmszene

2022           Day of the Short Film, Filmforum NRW, Germany9

2022           Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence, France

2022           Lucca International Film Festival, Italy

2022           Everybody's Perfect Film Festival Geneva, Switzerland

2022           Tourne-films Festival Lausanne, Switzerland


2021           Frameline, San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, USA

2021           NewFest, LGBTQ+ Film and Media, New York, USA

2021           Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Hong Kong

2021           Seattle Queer Film Festival, USA

2021           River Film Festival, Italy

2021           FiSH Festival, Germany

2021           Blonde Cobra Festival, Germany

2021           up-and-coming Film Festival Hannover, Germany


Stills //

full screener available on request

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