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Territory // 2022

// Experimental film

// 10' / digital / english / colour / 2.39:1

Various bodies shed the skin they thought they needed to survive and venture into the dark and unexplored vacuum outside their territory. There, they find a place that defies all the laws and boundaries of the world into which they were born. They leave to arrive - possibly at themselves.

We experience this tale as a sequence of inner images led by a collage of biographical narrations by gender-travelers.

Performerx Anbid Zaman, Mel Bialas, Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja // DoP Borislav Salatino

Composer Simon Schwaninger

Upcoming Screenings / Exhibitions

2023           SHORTS Trinationales Filmfestival der Hochschule Offenburg, Germany

2023           Bundesfestival junger Film St. Ingbert

Past Screenings / Exhibitions

2023           FiSH Filmfestival im Stadthafen, Germany

2023           Videonale 19, Germany

2023           Vidéoformes, France

2023           Traverse Vidéo, France

2023           Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland

2022           Raindance Film Festival, UK

2022           Blonde Cobra Festival, Germany

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Teaser // 52"

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Stills //

full screener available on request

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