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Territory // 2022

// Experimental film

// 10' / digital / english / colour / 2.39:1

Various bodies shed the skin they thought they needed to survive and venture into the dark and unexplored vacuum outside their territory. There, they find a place that defies all the laws and boundaries of the world into which they were born. They leave to arrive - possibly at themselves.

We experience this tale as a sequence of inner images led by a collage of biographical narrations by gender-travelers.

Performerx Anbid Zaman, Mel Bialas, Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja // DoP Borislav Salatino

Composer Simon Schwaninger

Upcoming Screenings / Exhibitions

2023           Videonale 19, Germany

2023           Vidéoformes, France

2023           Traverse Vidéo, France

2023           FiSH Filmfestival im Stadthafen, Germany

2023           SHORTS Trinationales Filmfestival der Hochschule Offenburg, Germany

Past Screenings / Exhibitions

2023           Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland

2022           Raindance Film Festival, UK

2022           Blonde Cobra Festival, Germany

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Teaser // 52"

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Stills //

full screener available on request

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