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Copyshop // 2022

// Photo installation

// Laserprints (photocopies)

// 94cm x 68cm, 104cm x 84cm

part of "Photographic Utopia" curated by Alex Grein

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Kunst Werk e.V. // Cologne, Germany

Dokumentationsfotos: Patricia Falk

The motifs of the photo series consist of characters, which are located in artificially recreated environments. These consist of color prints of commercially available stock photos. The characters seem to be in a permanently sedated state in which they still believe that their lives are real.

The works have been cut up into A4 pages. Several copying processes introduced more and more imperfections, so that the final assembly does not alight perfectly anymore.

performerx Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja, Emma Externbrink, Miriam Gossing

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